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Byron, a 3 year old male who came into rescue with his Mum sadie, has been rehomed to Jon and Heather, who also have RRT dog Sky. Byron has gained in confidence, and gets on extremely well with Sky. Both dog are attending our Sunday training classes, along with Mum and Dad.

TIZER (June)


Tizer, who came into care as his owners were being evicted, has found his new home with Stephen and Sheryl, who are experienced rottweiler owners. He has settled in as though he has always been there, and is very much enjoying keeping Sheryl and Stephen on their toes!

LILY (June)









Dear little Lily, who was being fostered by Rachel and Steve, has been rehomed to Tracy and Nick, who took Jenny from us a couple of years ago. The two girls are getting on very well together, playing and running rings around the family. Lily is learning that cats should not be messed with! Tracy says she cannot stop kissing Lily and telling her how much she loves her, and Nick, in his words "not really a doggy person" told me that he found himself pointing out dogs to Tracy when they were out in the car! Lily came into rescue at about14 months old, having been found straying. 



Soldier has found his new home! He has gone to live with Susan and her RRT bitch Alice. Soldier won them both over with his good looks and charm. He is settling in very well, and helping Susan get over the loss of her male rott Charlie. Soldier, who at 5 years old had been living on the streets with his owner for a while, cannot believe he is now in the lap of luxury with Susan!


Daisy has been rehomed to Margaret and Ted, who took Tizer One a couple of months ago. Although a very timid girl of 16 months, she has settled in very well and is getting on with two male rotts, two female greyhounds and a jack Russell! Ted is taking his time to win her over, as she is still quite fearful of men.Daisy came into rescue as her owners had two children under three, and another dog and cats, and did not give her any time or training.



Teresa, who was found tied to a tree, has finally found her family! This 3 year old bitch came in as a very aloof dog, knowing very little about the love of people or how to respond to it. With time and patience she has developed into a very loving dog. Our thanks to Jim and Agnes, who have had two dogs from us before, for taking Teresa and giving her the home life she so needs. She is settling in well. Agnes says she is a "real wee character" who loves the sofa.


Frank, a 2 year old stray male rott x shepherd, has been found a loving home. He is now living with Mark, an experienced rottweiler owner who fell for Frank's charms. Frank is settling in very well, and is attending our Sunday training classes.




Pumpkin, a 4 year old bitch who came into rescue as the owner's husbad did not like rottweilers has gone to live with Angela. Angela recently lost her German Shepherd and is very pleased to have the very loving Pumpkin (now Poppy) as her companion. Pumpkin enjoys the sofa, and Angela says she is the biggest, softest Lap dog ever, and has settled in beautifully!