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DEREK (September)








Derek, a five year old male, came into us having been bought for a fourteen year old boy. Derek had had no training, and had never experienced living indoors. Mus, peter and all the other volunteers worked very hard with Derek. Between us, we taught him basic commands and to understand that we would not hurt or mistreat him. He has been rehomed to Ivor and Nicky, who already have a 7 year old spayed bitch. He has settled in very well, and has already won their hearts. Below are a couple of photos of him relaxing. Brilliant!








SIDNEY (September)

Sid, aged about 3, came into rescue from a stray kennels where he had been kept for some months, with no one interested in taking him into their home. Poor Sid had to have part of his tail amputated as he had damaged it through "wagging" against the kennel bars. He has now been rehomed to Geoff and Joyce, who say we cannot have him back - everyone who meets him loves him!

03.10.12. We have had this email from Geoff:


Hi Pate and Shelley

Just a few lines to let you both know how much Sid has impressed us and all our acquaintances with his friendly manner and exceptional obedience and good behaviour since we adopted him less than 2 weeks ago.

He has really found his place in our family (and on the settee), the grandchildren adore him, he never tires of playing fetch with them and has given us no reason to mistrust him in any situation.  It is obvious that a lot of time and effort has gone into his training either before he came to you or since.  We know that Erin spent many hours with him and therefore deserves a huge pat on the back for her contribution, please pass on our sincere thanks to her and also to you and Shelly for your part.  As we told you on the phone you will not be seeing him again for re-homing, he is here to stay.

Once again many thanks for Sid.

PENNY (September)

 Penny came into rescue as her owner was seriously ill and the rest of the family were working long hours, so she was alone for long periods every day. Penny has been rehomed to Michelle and Kevin, who already have a 2 year old male rott. They say she is so lively that Max is having trouble keeping up with her!




CLYDE (September)

Clyde ca me into rescue with Bonny (below). This dear little dog put up with Bonny jumping all over him without batting an eyelid! His microchip told us his age - about 6 -but his original owner had parted with him some years ago and did not want him back. Clyde (now called Henry) has gone to live with Irene, Judith's Mum. Irene had recently lost her lovely old Cavalier Topper, and needed a little friend to fill the gap. Henry gets on very well with all of Judith's dogs and cats and adores his new "Mum".

BONNY (September)

Bonny was found wandering close to the kennels we use, along with a Jack Russell Terrier. They were brought to the kennels and the Dog Warden was contacted. Despite the Jack Russell being microchipped and the original owner being contacted, no owner came forward. Bonny, at about 10 months old, is a firendly but very lively and untrained girl. She has now been rehomed to Debbie and Philip, who have a Jack Russell of their own called Dave. She is settling in well and will be attending our training classes very soon.