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Aero, the 2 year old stray who came into us from another rescue, has been rehomed to Tony and Liz. Tony and Liz are very experienced rottweiler owners, who expected a few settling in issues, as anyone taking on a rescue does. Aero has settled in as though he has always lived there, and loves to go to the bus stop with Tony to meet Liz from work. Apparently he adores Liz and goes potty when he sees her.

ELLA November)


Ella, a seven month old bitch who came into rescue because her Kennel Club Accredited breeder sold her with a litter sister (which caused the two dogs to develop rough play which turned into fighting)has been rehomed to Liselle and George, who also own two cats. Little Ella is a sweet natured girl, and Liselle and George are very much looking forward to training her and socialising her further. Our thanks to Lorraine for putting a lot of hard work into this dear little girl.

KATE (November)

 Kate, a stray bitch of about 2, has been rehomed to Vicky and Paul, who are not only long time supporters of RRT, but also very experienced rott owners. Kate is living happily with Murphy (ex RRT) and also little Paco the staffie. All dogs are getting along fine - and Paco is enjoying having a dog who will play with him.

WALLY (November)


Wally, who came back into rescue at 2 years old due to a marriage breakup, has been rehomed to Lisa, who is an experienced rott owner. Lisa also has a Jack Russell terrier - who is firmly in charge of Wally. Lisa is impressed by how good Wally is, and laughs at his addiction to the TV! She says she is monitoring what he watches, as he is still an impressionable youngster!

LOTTIE (November)

 The lovely Lottie has found her forever home with Jane and Martin. Jane and Martin are experienced rottweiler owners who also have a lovely male rott. Both dogs get on very well together, and Lottie is settling in very nicely, with time and patience. Martin says Lottie is theirs for keeps!



 We have just had this e mail from Lottie's new owners

Hi Shelley,

 Just to let you know Lottie is settling in very well. She is enjoying the long walks and meeting lots of different other animals - swans, Canada geese, rabbits, ducks, cows, sheep and others. She also loves swimming, In the mornings it’s play time with Rocky who doesn’t really wake up till dinner time, so he stands still and she runs rings round him and he stands there looking at me is if to say “call this mad bitch off please”.We are also trying to teach her better table manners as she gets up on the kitchen work tops to help herself to whatever is on offer!

Sign off now and we will keep in touch .