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LUKE (April)


Luke, who came into rescue from a relationship breaksown, has gone to live in his new home with Eddie. Eddie has recently lost his old RRT dog Max, and felt he needed the company of this lovely young dog. Luke has settled as though he has been there all his life.

CASSIE (April)


Cassie is now officially ours! At about 6 years old, and not in the best of health, Cassie has been fostered with us for about 6 months. She has settled in very well and we love her. Please see News and Views April 2013 for more.......










Sam came into rescue from a stray kennels in Wales. At about 7 years old, this boy had probably spent a lot of his life living outside. He was fostered with Caz Williamson, who used to train the RRT dogs. He has now been rehomed to Mr and Mrs Cock who say he loves to snuggle them and the radiator! In his first couple of days there -he stole the defrosting fish from the worktop - but gave it back intact when asked - so the couple defrosted it and ate it anyway! Bless!

HOPE (April)

 Hope, the 2 year old bitch who was owned by people with four other large dogs, cats and several small children, has gone to live with Claire and Karl, who also have Hector, an RRT dog. Originally Claire and Karl were fostering Hope, but she has settled in so well that they have decided to keep her - despite the loss of a large tray of lasagne left to cool on the worktop!


09.04.13. We have had this report from Claire today!

Quick update on Hope. She is doing well, her confidence is growing and she and Hector seem to get along just fine.

Toilet training is slow so today a new routine where after her walk and feed I am popping her back out for a quick wee as that’s when she seems to go no matter how many she did before breakfast! Worked so far but the day is young lol!

I do worry about what anger this poor dog has seen in her short life. She has a real fear and distrust of closing doors and gates. She used to panic running through them when you tried to close them although she is now relaxed about going back into the kitchen and having the gate closed when we go out and doesn’t appear to mind. She also seems more relaxed in general around closing doors.

Yesterday we did a few household fix ups and Karl walked through the kitchen with a tape measure, the old metal ones which was extended about 2 poss 3 ft she freaked, she flattened herself to the floor and whimpered tail wagging in a desperate attempt to please. It was pitiful and even typing this makes me want to cry. We tried laying it down on the floor and letting her sniff it but she was distraught,

wouldn’t go near it and backed against the wall. We will be working on this but not now, too soon. Once we have her confidence much more we will start introducing stick laid down with no one touching it till she starts to ignore it. bless her. I can’t recall ever seeing such a reaction to anything so strongly in a dog.


Other than that she is a happy little soul, timid and still a clingy but she has taken huge steps forward. She like the routine of her day and seems happy and relaxed in the day to day stuff she know.

She has now mastered jumping in the back of Karl’s car( low to the ground) and will put her paws on the back of mine ( very high) and wait to be “helped” in. It won’t long before she is leaping in them both! She still doesn’t like the boot being shut but she knows the walk is worthwhile and puts up with it.


Lead work is better but still a long way to go 


BUDDY (March)

 Buddy came into rescue due to a relationship breakdown. At 15 months old, this lovely young dog has gone to his new home with Janet and Brian, and their rottie bitch Nina. He has settled in as though he has always been there. Nina is being kept on her toes!












BLAZE (March)

 Blaze came into rescue as his owners were not allowed to keep him at their property as the landlord had had a complaint from new neighbours. After a couple of weeks with us, the owners found somewhere new to live, that will allow them to keep Blaze. Blaze very happily went back to his original owners.










BEAMER (March)

Beamer, a lively young lad we took into rescue as a stray, has found his new home in Geoff. He is settling well, and will be attending our training classes.

ROMEO (March)


Romeo, who was left in a garden for two years, has gone to live with Mark and Maria and their daughters. Mark and Maria recently lost their old RRT dog Jack, and found they wanted another rott to complete their family. They say he is just perfect!


SOPHIE (March)

Sophie came into rescue at the age of 10 weeks, due to a relationship breakdown. No photo available at present, but I will update this as soon as possible. Sophie has gone to live with Lisa, who is an experienced rott owner. Lisa is looking forward to coming to Sunday training classes with this confident little girl.


ZEB (February)

 Zeb came into rescue from a man who was suffering from senile dementia. This dear little pup was terrified of other dogs and all the stresses of life. We worked very hard to get him to trust other dogs and play s a puppy should. He is now happily settled with tracey and Mark, who have owned rotts before.




CHARITY (February)