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LULU (June)


Lulu, a 3 year old bitch who came into rescue due to a relationship breakdown, has found her forever home with our Lorraine. Lorraine was fostering her, but both Lorraine and Dennis love her to bits. She is calm and gentle, and has settled in in three days as though she has been there all her life. Lulu will be spayed in the next couple of weeks. We all look forward to seeing Lulu at our weekly training classes. lorraine will still foster dogs for rescue, as she is sure that Lulu won't mind!











Tilly Trotter came into care as her owner was living on the streets having been evicted, and would not leave Tilly until she was safe. Tilly has found a very loving home with Sharon and Dennis, who are retired and live in a lovely quiet village. Their garden overlooks a field of sheep - and our "town" dog Tilly does not bat an eyelid when she sees them! Sandra and Dennis have had rotts for many years, and have fallen for our little Tilly Trotter's loving and calm ways.

Just had this update from SANDRA!

 just to let you know that Tilly has settled in so well that
 it seems like we have had her for ever,she has met lots of people and
 dogs and been brilliant with them all,everybody loves her,she runs off
 lead in the field or the woods and is very obedient,she sleeps all
 night down stairs in her basket or the chair and is eating well,she
 loves running around and playing with her new doggie friends.Tell
 Shelley and Peter that she is well,they got my name wrong on the rehomed
 page it is Sandra not Sharon,but no worries I will answer to anything!

Sorry Sandra! I am getting old and forgetful!!


Jessie, who came in at the age of nine months, has been rehomed to jaro and Lucia. They are enjoying training Jessie, and she gets on very well with their two cats, and everyone she meets.






   Buddy, nearly 9 months old, came into rescue due to a marriage breakdown. A rather timid, but very handsome boy, Buddy was not happy in kennels. A couple who have just lost their RRT dog phoned to ask about any suitable dogs, came to the kennels and fell for Buddy. Melissa says Buddy has really come out of his shell in the few days she and Darren have had him, and is becoming quite a cheeky character! (He steals her slippers, trainers and remote control to get her to play with him when she should be working!)


 TROY (May)



Troy, an eight month old male, came in with Cindy, his litter sister. The family were about to lose their home, so sadly had to put the dogs into our care. Initially we felt that they should be rehomed together as they were very close, but once they found their feet it became clear that the two of them together were too much for one family! So, Troy has gone to live with Gerry and Kerry, experienced rott owners, and their staffie bitch Betty. He is enjoying every moment of his new life and does not appear to be missing Cindy at all, nor she him. Hopefully Cindy will find her special person very soon.

SKY (May)


Sky, a 4 year old bitch, came into rescue along with Luke, due to a marriage breakdown. This lovely girl has gone to live with Jan and Dave, who think she is just the best dog ever!


 Heidi came into rescue as she had nipped a child outside a pub. her owners then decided that they could no longer trust her. Heidi has had very little training, but all that is changing in her new home. Lynn and gareth already have a lovely dog called Hugo, who attends training classes every week, and now the exuberant Heidi has joined him. She still has some way to go though!