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NINA (July)












Nina, a sweet older girl of 6, came back into rescue as her owner had become disabled. A very loving dog, Nina was fostered by Caroline and Barry, who fell for her charms We were expecting Nina to be with us for some time, as so many people only want young dogs. Within a couple of weeks we had a phone call from Lance. He asked about Nina, and said he would like to come and see her, but his wife could not come for a few days as she was working and could not get away until the next week. He came along to see Nina with the couple's rott Bosley. The two dogs got on very well from the start. Lance's wife came to see Nina a few days later and fell in love with her....they took her home that day. The reason that Lance's wife could not come for a few days was that she was commentating on Wimbledon.....her name? Sue Barker! Nina has settled in very well and is adored by everyone who meets her.














LUTHER (August)








Luther came into RRT as the result of a marriage break up. A super, well balanced 5 year old, he has lived all his life with kids and other animals of all shapes and sizes! He came into RRT one Sunday...was seen by two of our supporters (Joe and Sarah) and Joe had phoned up enquiring about him within a day! Dog to dog introductions sorted, Luther has settled in with his lovely but rather bossy sister Roxy, and spends much of his time sleeping, eating or cuddling!

ROCCO (July)


Rocco, a 5 year old male who was being sold on the street to the highest bidder, has finally found his new home with Greg and Marylin, who have owned rotts for 25 years. Rocco has settled in very well, and loves to lie by the sofa with Greg in the evenings. He goes to work with "Dad" too! We will miss our little "mugger" at the kennels though!










Elly May came into rescue at 6 years old as her owner was working very long hours and she was left alone all day. A very sweet, timid girl, Elly may has gone to live with Lea, Chris, Yogi and Saffi. Elly may has made herself at home - and is starting to lose some of her fat belly now she is getting proper exercise! remember Elly - "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips"!

CINDY (July)


Cindy, who came in with Troy as her owners had lost their home, has been rehomed to Caroline and Bryon. She is having lots of fun with Duffy, the family's other rott x, and enjoys all the fuss she has been getting. Cindy has now recovered from heer operation, and her hair is growing back.