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JULIA (Pretty Woman)  


Julia, a three year old bitch who was found tied to a tree and in a terrible state has now been rehomed to Jamie and Mel. She is living very happily with "Big Brother" Bruce.....and is enjoying lots of long walks and lots of cuddles!

A letter from Jamie, who adopted Julia :

We adopted Bruce, our male Rottweiler, from a local rescue kennels in June this year. He settled in very well and became a big part of our family- a gentle giant who loves everyone.  Then we started looking for a companion, hopefully a female rotti.  Nothing was available at the local kennels – which in a way was a good thing.

Julia, who was on the RRT website, had always appealed to us and we contacted RRT and Shelley and Pete with a view to adopting her.  We were more than happy to make the journey to Kent to meet her.  So, a few phone calls later and after a satisfactory home check, we were on our way with Bruce to RRT, one Sunday morning.  Before anyone including ourselves even think about having a dog. Whatever the bread you must 100% understand the costs involved in having dogs e g feeding, vaccinating and vet costs and also the responsibility for them at holiday times and your work pattern.  Fortunately, Bruce and Julia got on very well and we brought her home to the Midlands that day.

All our family love her to bits and she loves us back- she is so affectionate.  She enjoys her walks and swimming in the local lakes, and days out in the Derbyshire Hills. She and Bruce are like brother and sister and they adore each other.  There is no sign of food possessiveness (so far) and she is getting used to the yappy little dogs that she meets on her walks.  She is the perfect companion for our Big Boy Bruce and has made our family complete.

Mel and I are very grateful to Pete and Shelley and RRT for the work done with Julia-she has perfect recall- and for trusting us with this beautiful girl.  If anyone out there is looking for a rotti friend, please look on the RRT Facebook and Website because our experience has shown that RRT re home some fantastic dogs who just need a chance.




SPOT (October)

Spot came to us from a pound. We were told he was about a year old, but he was actually about 4 - 5 years old. A lovely boy, Spot has gone to live with David, a mature owner who calls Spot his "brother"! Spotty is settling in well, and enjoying his quiet life.





ROSIE (September)









 Rosie, a 2 year old bitch, came into rescue as her owner had six children and not enough time for Rosie. A loving, adorable girl, Rosie is now very happily settled with Tracey and Tony, who have had an RRT dog before, and Grace, their little Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Grace is firmly in control. Rosie is very loving to the couple's grandchildren and enjoys rolling in fox poo!