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MAX (December)

 Max, the ieght month old lad who came into care due to his owner's illness, has now been rehomed to margaret. Margaret has owned rotts for many years, and is very much looking forward to training and socialising this young lad. Max has already proved to be a firm favourite with her grandchildren, and is enjoying his long walks in the forest.


WANDA (December)

 Wanda is a very friendly little bitch who was found straying. At about 9 months old, she has had little or no training until coming into our care. She was being fostered by Sharon and John and their adult daughter Georgia as we wanted to keep her quiet after her spay. The family have owned rotts for years, and have fallen for cheeky Wanda, who is now called Willow! They are bringing her to training classes every week, which is so very important with any young dog.

ROSIE 2 (November)

 Rosie, a 4 year old bitch who came in as her owner lost her house and had moved to a rented property where pets were not allowed, has been rehomed to Mark and Debbie. They already have a lovely rott boy, Baloo. Both dogs get along very well together, and Mark and Debbie are very happy with their new addition to the family.













Maddie is 7 and Alfie is 5. RRT rehomed them over 4 years ago, to a trainer/behaviourist who wanted to dogs to do display work with, and as pets. Unfortunately the man

developed mental health issues and felt unable to cope with Maddie and Alfie. Consequently, they have been living outside for some time. Maddie and Alfie have been rehomed to Caz, who has owned rotts for many years. Caz already knew these two from their time with us 4 years ago, and felt she would like to give them a loving home. They are now settled on her sofa!!


DAISY MAY (November)

 Daisy came into rescue in a bit of a state. Her owners had tried to breed from her, but when a pup was stuck inside her they refused to allow the vet to spay her and do an emergency caesarian section...seriously risking her life. As all the pups died, daisy was then shut outside, where she started to howl. Neighbours complained and she was taken to a local vet to be destroyed. This dear little girl is affectionate and playful. At 5 years old, she has now found a very happy, loving home......along with ....


Gorgeous George came to us as he had been tied to school railings. When the Dog Warden arrived, a group of children  were all making a fuss of him and he was loving it! In his time with us, he continued to be a real gentleman, taking no notice of other dogs, or cats, just wanting lots of cuddles. George is about 2 - 3 years old. Both Daisy May and George have go to live with Susan and Shaun. They are left very raely and are already adored by this couple!







ROLO (November


Rolo, a two and a half year old who came back into rescue after a marriage breakup, has been rehomed after more than a year.Rolo has been fostered for about a month with Kim and Gareth and their rott bitch Gaia. The couple have worked very hard with this lovely young dog, as he undoubtedly has some handling and behaviour issues. in a month the improvement is absolutely astounding. Thank you for working so hard with this dog that so desperately needed a home and some firm but fair handling.