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DANNY (February)

Danny came into rescue due to a relationship background. he had been left in the garden for the previous six months. Our big, handsome chap has gone to live with Julie, an experienced rott owner. he has bonded very well with Julie, and she is continuing his training and socialisation around other dogs. Way to go, Danny boy!


PIPPA (February)

 Pippa too came into rescue as an unwanted puppy. A dear little girl, she has gone to live with Mandy and Stuart, who recently lost their old rescue rott. She is settling in very well and is already very much part of the family.


PATSY (February)

 Pa tsy  came into rescue at the tender age of 6 months. She had been bought as a present for a single mum with a two year old child. Patsy, like all puppies, needed to be taught not to jump up.Patsy was eventually put in the back garden shed so that she would not knock the child over. Patsy is a dear little girl who has been rehomed to Jayne, who has owned rotts for some years. patsy is getting on very well with Jayne's old cat and other rottie. The parrot might take some getting used to though!

 GEORGIA (February)

Georgia came back into our care as her owners were moving abroad. At 8 years old, Georgia is a very fit older girl who has finally found her forever home with her fosterers, Nigel and Christine. She adores them, and her food! She loves being cuddled and we hope she has many more years of love with this will make up for the time she spent in kennels....bless her and them!

MIA (January)

 Mia came into rescue as her owners were moving and were unable to take Mia with them. This super little 5 year old has gone to live with Jayne and Trayci and the adorable little terrorist Desi the Bichon. She has settled in very well. Trayci says mia has made their family complete...even if Desi does always seem to be covered in mud!


 Eddie Munster (so called because of his "Widow's peak" markings..rather like Eddie in the Adams family! Eddie is a rottie x GSD, and came into us just before Xmas. He was only 5 months old. A family had bought him, but had 4 very young children and were not prepared for all the hard work needed to bring up a puppy. Eddie went into foster with Jackie, Callum and their family. They fell in love with his happy ways and have decided to keep him. he is living happily with Flo the rott, Axel the collie x and the CAT! Anyone who knows Jackie's cat will understand the capital letters! He rules! Jackie and Eddie are doing very well in our Sunday training classes....Jackie is working towards making our little Munster a PAT dog!

POPPET (January)

Poppet came into rescue having spent the last three years living in a garage, along with an older rottie bitch. poppet was very stressed as her "sister" did not come into rescue with her as she had terminal cancer. At 6 years old Poppet has settled very well into life with Laura, Richard and their male rott Louie. She is loving and affectionate and loves living in the warmth of a loving home.