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SASHA (August)

Sasha who came into rescue as her owner was being evicted, has now been spayed and has been rehomed to jackie and george, who had a male rott from us who passed away last year. they thought they would never have another dog, as they were so distraught by Obi's passing......but have simply cannot live without a rott once you have had one! Sasha is settling in very well, and already making Jackie and George smile at her antics

RILEY (August)

 Riley came into rescue at 11 months having chewed up a pair of sunglasses! This gorgeous young boy has now been castrated and has been rehomed to Kim and peter and their family. Riley has settled in very well and they are getting used to his "Forrest Gump" ways!













  Eric and Ern came into rescue from a pound. They absolutely dote on each other....and soon had everyone at RRT doting on them too. These two lovely, laid back males just wanted to love the world. They are very lucky to have found their forever home together. They are now living with Simon and Renata, who have recently lost their old RRT boy Charlie. Renata says Eric and Ern have ceertainly brought sunshine with their smiles!


TINA (July)

Tina came into rescue as a stray from a dog warden. She is about 18 months old and had obviously had a litter recently. She was in a very poor condition. She has now been rehomed to david and Elaine, who lost their last RRT girl last year. She has settled very well and taken everything in her stride!









Mamma Cass, came into rescue at 8 years old. She was left with a  woman whose dogs kept attacking her. This wonderful old lady has gone to live with Michael, Diane, Ethan and Miles and their two other RRT dogs Dozer and Gucci, and the familys staffie, Ruby! Gucci and Mamma Cass have a shared interest....watching Diane's rescue rabbits through the gate to their enclosure!

RITA (July)

 Rita, a lovely 2 year old bitch who came into rescue as her owner passed away suddenly, has been rehomed to Tracey and Paul. She is joining their gorgeous pointer Dylan and is enjoying snuggling up to him on their giant dog bed!





REX (July)

   Rex came into care having been owned by a schizophrenic.  Rex was extremely frightened. After we had worked with him for a few weeks (he came on in leaps and bounds) one of our supporters, Tina, asked if she could foster him and give him some training and socialisation outside of a kennel environment. After only 10 days of having him on foster, she has decided to keep him. She calls him "worm" as he wormed his way into her affections very quickly! And doesn't he look relaxed and happy in the company of his big brother Brucie Baby and his big sister Nell?