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SAMMY (October)

Sammy came into rescue due to a marriage breakdown. A lovely 2 year old male, Sammy was taken back by his owner who then rehomed him herself. After a week or so, poor Sammy made a mistake....he nipped a child who was annoying him - on a hot day when Sammy was trying to sleep. He came back into rescue... with a serious blot on his copy book. Our thanks must go to everyone at RRT, who worked with sammy, trained Sammy and loved Sammy. But our special thanks must go to Julie, barry and Tia maria who were so commited to having him that they came to visit him twice a week for 5 weeks, until both Sammy and they were sure things would be okay. three weeks on, and Sammy is very much part of the family.


ANNIE (August)

 Annie, now called Amber, has been rehomed to Julie. At 8 years old this lovely dog came back into rescue due to a change of circumstances. She is living happily alongside RRT dog Danny. Well done to Julie for taking on this fit but still challenging old lady! Amber is looking up at Danny as if to say "You know us girls always rule the roost"!











BORIS (September)

 Boris, the "Honorary" rott we took from another rescue, has been rehomed to Diane and Michael and their sons Miles and Ethan. He adores Miles, and spends a lot of time just looking at him! Boris is also living with three RRT rotts....Mamma Cass, Gucci and Dozer, and Ruby the staffie. Boris is a little bin raider, and also likes to nick Diane's lunchtime sandwich!



TIA MARIA (September)

 Tia Maria, who came into rescue from a stray kennels, has been rehomed to Julie, Barry and Sam. Tia has settled in very well, and the family already adore her. Tia likes nothing more than to lie in the back of the car with her head on her cushion!





WOODY (September)

Woody came into rescue due to his owner's ill health. He has now been rehomed to Sarah and Joe, and is living happily with them, Miss Roxy (another rottie0 and two cats. Joe feels certain that Woody was dropped on his head as a he is such a soppy dog!