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 Jay, a seven year old male, came into rescue as his owners didn't have enough time for him.This lovely old boy had a big benign tumour on his neck, which we had removed as it was very uncomfortable for him. Jay loves people and other dogs and has now gone to live with Heidi and Joe and their RRT bitch Rose. Jay is already a much loved and loving member of their family.




EVIE (December)

Evie was rescued by a friend of ours as she was being sold in a local newspaper. Evie is a year old, but had had no training when she came into rescue. A lively, loving young dog, she is now living with Sue and Paul and their older bitch. She has settled very well and loves all the attention and her new "sister".




BRU (November) 


Bru, a 16 month old male, came into rescue as his owner had broken her leg, and Bru was not getting the attention he needed. He is now happily settled in his new home with Roger and Cheryl.




HONEY (December)

 Honey, a seven year old bitch, came into rescue from a pound. A sweet girl, she is now settling into her life of luxury with Leo, who wanted an older dog to share his life. As you can see, she loves her bone and carries it everywhere with her! 






BOO (November)

 Boo is a 3 year old spayed bitch who came into our care as she had been taken from an abusive owner and was being cared for by a young girl. When the housing authority found out that Boo was in the flat, they threatened eviction if Boo was not got out of the property within a few days. We put her into foster with Freda, a long time RRT supporter who already has three RRT dogs.  Freda fell for Boo's loving little ways and she is keeping Boo!



RUFUS (November)

 Rufus came into care as his owners had 7 children between them and simply did not have enough time for this lovely young boy. He has now been rehomed to Wendy and Martin, who have RRT dog Timmy. He is settling in very well.






HONEY (November)

Ho ney, a lovely little girl of about 6 months, came into rescue as Honey kept jumping up at her heavily pregnant owner. A real delight, we worked with Honey, did some training, which will need to be ongoing and had Honey spayed. She has now been rehomed to Lorraine and Darren who have always wanted a rottweiler. Honey will get lots of swimming as her "Mum" is a canine hydrotherapist!





ANGIE BABY (November)

Angi e came into rescue as her owners were being evicted. She had already had a major tummy operation and needed a major hip operation too. RRT did her hip operation, and she was fostered to get her over the initial few weeks post op. She is now continuing to make new friends and improve daily with Di and Mike and their tribe! She is a real little character who makes everyone aware she is in the house!