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We are not holding a Sponsored Walk this year.....but please come and support us at our Fun Dog Show in September...details on news and Views or our fundraising page.


Another good day in Greenwich Park!

Sunday 7th October about 50 dogs and 100 plus people met in Greenwich Park and another day of mayhem started! We held our usual raffle, sold merchandise (the calendar being extremely popular) and also had the 5 Dog Barkery there with home made doggy biscuits and cakes! It was wonderful to see so many faces, some old, some new, and of course catch up again with dogs who had, at some stage, been in our care. The weather held for us - and after the prolonged period of rain in the previous days we were extremely lucky. I hope everyone had a good day. I would particularly like to thank the army of volunteers who picked rescue dogs up from kennels, looked after them all, the people who made sandwiches and cakes, took photos, did the raffle and marshalled the walk, and I also want to thank my long suffering partner Peter, without whom this event would not have gone ahead. A few photos below - but there are many more on the link below - we hope you enjoy the video and pictures.


































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Our sponsored walk took place on Sunday 18th September, at our usual venue, Greenwich Park.

This year we had asked for some help with catering, rosettes etc and we were absolutely delighted with the response we got from some very generous and loyal supporters. The rosettes were very kindly donated by Rachel, Steve and Val Hodges (who run Higham Dog Show) and the cost of the refreshments was contributed to by Sarah Cable, Anna Reed, Debbie Sykes, Lynn Green, Sam Williams, Lorraine Day, Lyn Green and Judith Walker. As usual, our resident photographer, Peter Reynolds was on hand to catch us all out with his very natural photographs.

The day was warm and fairly sunny. We had expected 86 dogs and 130 people to attend (these were all people who had booked to come). Unfortunately, only about 60 dogs actually turned up on the day, which meant that we wasted a lot of time and energy making sandwiches etc for people who did not bother to attend. What is even more inexplicable to me is that many of these people are very local to the venue - being within half an hour's drive of the park. However, the day went very well.

We set up our registration table and were soon surrounded by people and dogs. Val, Steve and Rachel brought a raffle with them, and handed out rosettes as they sold raffle tickets. The raffle alone raised £155. Our Lorraine had worked very hard with Carly on RRT calendars. These sold out! In fact, Lorraine has had to order more to cover the orders she has taken! One young man particularly made my day. His name is Luke Booth. He is 9 years old, and he had made a box, took it round to his family and friends and raised almost £20 for the dogs. Puts some of us adults to shame, doesn’t it?



At 12 promptly we set off round the park. It is testimony to the good temperaments of the dogs that they were extremely well behaved, even though they were all on the lead and had many other dogs running in and out of the main body of walkers. The rottweilers did not bat an eyelid at children, other dogs or anything else that came their way. They were a real sight to see, all sporting their beautiful red and gold rosettes. About 45 minutes later, the first of the walkers arrived back, and the picnic got under way. We were, as usual, amazed to seesome of the dogs we have rehomed over the years, and see how very loved they all are. Our thanks to everyone who did attend - you certainly made our day.






Sponsored Walk 2010

Our 10th anniversary sponsored walk took place on Sunday 19th September. The weather held out for us, with no rain but some warm sunshine. The walk was extremely well attended - although several people who had said they would be attending did not show up on the day. In all we had about 80 dogs and 120 people giving up their time to support rescue dogs and raise some funds for those dogs needing our help. There was a very noticeable lack of support from breeders, as usual. It is a shame we cannot get their support - it seems they are too busy to support their own breed. I hope everyone who did come enjoyed themselves, we certainly did....loved seeing so many of our "babies" again!




Pictures from the RRT sponsored walk 2010

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