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Sponsored Walk 2008


Our thanks to those people who joined us, to the new recruits, and the faithful who attend and support us every year. It was great to see you all with your well behaved dogs. It was also a great pleasure to see some people supporting us who have not had a rottweiler from us - our thanks to them for putting thenselves out to support this breed and our little rescue. However, we are concerned by the apathy of many loving rottweiler owners. Out of 51 dogs rehomed by us this year only 5 attended the walk. Extremely disappointing. We are very aware that we cannot expect everyone to attend - but do feel it would be nice if some of those people made a little more effort to support the breed they love. We had many people contact us to say they would be coming, who did not actually show up on the day.  We cannot continue indefinitely without support.Those who attended all said they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves and would be coming again next year. The dogs behaved very well, and this year there was a lot more positive interest from the general public.




































Those who attended the walk were the first to get the chance to buy our brand new polo shirts. Orders can be placed for the polo shirts, very reasonably priced at £15, plus £2 p and p.   There are several colours - light blue, royal blue, navy blue, yellow, red, white and black. The sizes are small, medium, large and extra large - they do come up a bit "snug". We can also order long sleeved, but they will be a bit more expensive. Please look in the shop for details.