Guest Arriving


When someone knocks on your door, before answering it, shut your dog away – e.g. in the kitchen.

Let your guest/s in and seat them in a different room from the dog, with instructions to completely ignore your dog when he is let in. Ignoring him means not looking at him, speaking to him, touching him or standing up.

Bring your dog out on a lead if he is hyperactive or aggressive so that your guests are protected. Sit down with the dog as far away from your guests as possible and tell the dog to sit or lie down. If the dog barks or growls tell him to “leave it” in a firm voice. If he continues, shut him back in the kitchen for a few minutes to let him calm down, then try again. Keep repeating this process until he is calm with your guest you can then let him off the lead. Only when he is calm can your guest acknowledge the dog by gently rolling him a treat or a toy. If he is a friendly dog, they may touch him for the first time at this point – but remember to keep the interaction between them calm. The dog will learn from this that good behaviour gets him the reward of your guest’s attention and a titbit or toy. He will learn that he is not allowed to bully people, that guests are a non threatening experience and that YOU, as Pack Leader, have the right to say who comes in and out of your territory, not him.

If your dog is aggressive, or one that likes to control entrances then shut the dog away before your guests leave.

If you have more than one dog, let the most dominant one in first to greet your guests.