All members of the family should build a constructive relationship with your pet. This can be achieved by spending frequent (as many times a day as your time allows) short periods every day playing and training with him. Remember to be fun and rewarding, and keep the training session short. Use tit bits, clicker training games and toys. This gives your dog mental stimulation, builds a better bond and reduces boredom and gets him to want to work for you and please you. You will, of course achieve more control over him.

Dogs rely solely on us for their mental and physical stimulation – so they really need 2 – 3 walks a day and lots of play and training to keep them mentally and physically at their best. If you have more than one dog, remember to spend time playing and training with them separately so you can build up a constructive relationship with each one.

Puppy Socialisation Classes and Agility Classes can also be of benefit to give them social skills and mental and physical stimulation.