Teaching a dog to walk to heel


 This is a very commonly asked question. This is not a behaviour problem, it is a training issue. There are several ways of teaching a dog to walk nicely by your side. Different training classes have different approaches to this. The most common are

Using a check chain. This can damage the neck if not used properly.

Teaching the dog that if he pulls, you stop and turn and go the other way, so that he is behind you. This teaches him that when he pulls, he is getting further away from where he is pulling to. You may end up spending half an hour walking up and down the same twenty feet of pavement, but perseverance will eventually pay off. Remember to praise the dog when he is at your side.

There are several headcollars and harnesses designed to make pulling uncomfortable for the dog, and to give you more control.

I personally use a Gentle Leader headcollar and a half check collar and attach the lead to both(photo) This gives the handler head and neck control over the dog so that it cannot pull and makes the dog far more controllable.As you can see, Bella is very happy on this and can be easily controlled so that walks are fun for both Bella and Judith!