Dogs rehomed in 2019

Xena (now Xenia)
Happily rehomed with James Lee and family and their two dogs, Fergus and Rufus
River with Monty and Loki
Little River happily rehomed with Sheila and John and her new mates, Monty and Loki
Butchie (now Trigger)
Butchie, now Trigger is now happily rehomed to Lea and Chris, who had RRT dog Ellie from us. Ellie sadly passed away a few weeks ago, but Trigger is helping to heal their loss and really enjoying his new life....AND his new teddies.
VINNIE, now Vince, has now been rehomed to his lovely foster carers Julie and Andy. Vince came into our care as he needed a second cruciate operation and his owner could not afford another £3,000. He has now had his operation (paid for by RRT) and is recovering well.
Dixie (formerly Penny)
Dear little Penny (now Dixie) had been rehomed to Teresa and Kevin, who already have RRT boy Denzil.

Dixie is going to regular puppy obedience classes, and enjoys keeping Teresa and Kevin on their toes!
Norman has been rehomed to Bev and Gary, who have owned rotts for years.

Bev and Gary fell for his charms when they met the lovely lad…even though they were looking for a younger dog. As they have shown, at least MEET a dog before dismissing it as “not for you”.

Bev says he has fitted in so well it seems as though they have had him for an eternity <3

Norman is now called Teddy, as he is extremely loving and cuddly!
Mya has now been spayed and gone to her new home with Celia and Tony, who have owned three rotts before. As Tony is retired, Mya will have plenty of company and has a playmate in little Fifi (aka Fleabag) a Pomeranian x sheltie.
Celia is keen to go to training classes, so Mya (now Mia) is in for a sharp learning curve! See additional photos of Mya on her last day at RRT on the Photos Page
Rupert has found his new home! He has gone to live with Tony and Julia, who are very keen to work and train him. Rupert is settling in well, and has already started Obedience and Agility classes..exactly what he needs to keep his mind busy! Tony says he is the light of their lives.
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Xena (now Xenia)

Happily rehomed with James Lee and family and their two dogs, Fergus and Rufus