Bella's appointment with the specialist - update

Yesterday Bella saw the specialist, regarding her shoulders and elbows. He studied the x rays, watched her move and then did a thorough examination. (We were very proud of her, as she was an excellent patient)

She is only 1/10 lame on her right foreleg. He has suggested that as she shows absolutely no reaction to having her left foreleg manipulated, and is not lame on the left leg, to leave that side alone.

The x rays of her right foreleg makes it appear that the problem is worse in her shoulder....but on examination it is her elbow which appears to be giving her a little discomfort.

His suggestion is as follows :

To lead exercise in the garden only for one month, giving a rimadyl a day for the month to see if this is simply a "flare up" of arthritis caused by the untreated OCD. If this works, then try her without the rimadyl and on gentle exercise. If this does not improve her lameness, then he will do an arthroscopy in her elbow. He has very kindly said that if he does not find anything much in the elbow, he will do her shoulder at no extra cost.