In the last couple of years we have been asked to take several “German working line” dogs. All of these dogs had bitten someone. I am fully expecting to be shot down in flames by the breeders of these dogs…but this is my personal opinion. And, if you read on, I am not blaming the breeders entirely.

Often, potential owners will say “Oh, I have had rotts for twenty years”. But the dogs they had may have been bred for pet temperaments.

There is NOTHING wrong with working line dogs….provided they are in working dog homes. These dogs need lots of mental and physical stimulation or they become frustrated. This, if left unchecked, can quickly lead to a dog that is more likely to show aggression.

Of course, all rottweilers are “working dogs”. However, working line dogs have a sharpness and drive that makes them unsuitable for the majority of pet homes.

Pet homes, in reality, want a Labrador in a rottweiler’s jacket. Family pet homes tend not to have the time or the knowledge to stimulate either mentally or physically, a dog that wants to be busy all the time!

Of the 7 dogs we have been asked to help….4 have been euthanaesed, one has been rehomed successfully to a working home, one returned to the breeder, and one is still in it’s home where the owners are working hard.

It may be worth breeders thinking about the sort of homes they place these dogs in. The homes are not necessarily bad homes. The home may have had rottweilers before. But a sharp, working line dog may just be something the home cannot deal with.

So, if you are going to buy a puppy, and want it as a family pet, do not be swayed by breeders saying “This is a German working lines” dog.