Doris is almost 7 years old. She gets on well with other dogs and is a real character. Doris CANNOT live with cats.

Doris has an old stabilising cruciate ligament injury, and the start of arthritis in her elbows. She is a bit of a chunky monkey, and needs to lose weight. She has had her thyroid checked, and, at the moment it is at the very low end of normal. Doris needs this checked again in about 6 weeks to see if it is still normal, or whether she will need tablets to increase her thyroid action, which would make her lose weight easier.

Doris is extremely loving and a fun character, but she doesn’t like to be left for long periods. There is nothing she likes better than to chase a squirrel in the garden!

Anyone interested in fostering or homing Doris permanently will need to be homechecked and be within about 30 minutes of Orpington/Bromley, Kent as she will need to be checked by our own vet until her health issues are under control.

All food and veterinary treatment will be covered by RRT whilst she is being fostered, or for the first 8 weeks for a permanent home. If fostered we will continue to look for a permanent home.

Doris has no history with kids, but is so friendly we feel she could live with kids over 10. At the moment she is being cared for at home, by ourselves, where she has been spotlessly clean and very well behaved. However, we don’t know how she would be with Chihuahuas or kids poking her in the eye.

Doris loves to chat to you – with her tail wagging at 50mph! She does pull on the lead (we are working on this) – but if she sees a squirrel – hang on to your hats!

Doris just needs a proper rescue or foster home.


Please phone Pete or Shelley on 01689 855 334.