About 6 weeks ago, Pete and I met an RSPCA cruelty case at the wonderful kennels we use. Her name is Buff and she is 10 years old. Buff (or Buff Puff as she is now known) was in a terrible state and she looked as though she had no will to live.

Buff Puff had always suffered from severe allergies, but her owners had several young children and she had not been to a vets for some years…so she had had no treatment for her allergies. She was extremely thin, and had a huge tumour on her foot, and a benign tumour hanging under her chin. Her eyes were a mess too.

Pete and I have seen some sights in our time in rescue, but we were so shocked to see this lovely old girl in such a state. Full credit to the RSPCA – they have spent a fortune on having her tumours removed, and getting her the allergy and eye treatment she needs.

Pete and I offered to give Buff Puff a forever home here with us, but as the RSPCA’s legal team was not sure whether they were going to prosecute, we agreed to foster her until a decision was made.

So today is our official “Gotcha” day for Buff Puff!

The first 4 pictures are from when she came in, the rest are from last week. She has settled in incredibly well, and certainly has got her joy of life back.

We are all so happy!