The Reality of Rescue

So what is the reality of rescue? There are 1000’s of dogs needing rescue at any one time in the UK and the fact is they cannot all be rescued, no matter how sad that might be. And when you do, you often have no idea whether the dog you are rescuing is fit to live with people, other dogs, is carrying a terminal disease, has conditions which might make the dog unrehomeable or is simply just old. The truth is, despite all the likes and “I would take him in a heartbeat” comments we see on facebook, nearly always whenever Shelley and Pete have had a difficult dog to rehome for whatever reason, they have ended up being their forever home. It is such a beautiful and selfless thing to do and they both do it without question and without wanting any plaudits.

And it all begins with breeders who don't give a damn where they end up. In my opinion all breeding should stop until and unless the population of unwanted dogs diminishes significantly. That will not happen of course.

Rescue is not a business, it is a devotion of one’s life to any animal abused, unwanted by humans or where animals are left alone in blameless unfortunate circumstances and we should be forever grateful to those who commit their lives to helping them.