Videos of Rupert with Dave, Sharon and Taylor

All the videos of Rupert are on the website, they are brilliant. My favourite moments......the first when Rupert gets told off by Taylor, the second when Rupert is about to put his paw on Dave's bum, you can see it coming and if he had left it there just a moment longer, he knew he was going to cop it and legs it. Dave's manner is priceless, you can almost hear him saying, "why did you bring this dog here?". The last is Sharon's devotion to Pete, seriously lovely.

And he is definitely improving with each encounter. Bearing in mind he was left on his own in a back garden for those first months of his life, I think he is doing well and I think Shelley and Pete are doing a great job with him. Let's hope he finally gets it out of his system and we can see him rehomed (Dave agrees!!)