Reasons For Rescue

Lets start at the very beginning. THINK before you get a dog. Can you absolutely commit long term to the time you would need to devote, the money you would need to have to look after the dog, including vet bills  (                            )    and the need to anticipate planned changes to your family circumstances? Do you believe that a dog is a part of your family? If any answer is no, then the answer is simple – DON’T GET ONE!!!


Below you will find the common reasons why dogs end up in Rescue and our responses to those “reasons”.

Rescues are supposed to be about helping dogs whose owners genuinely can't look after their dogs. For example, if someone is seriously ill or has passed away. We should not be here for irresponsible owners. Every time we take one of those dogs, we cannot help people who really need our help.


If you purchased a dog from a breeder or adopted from a rescue, then your first port of call is to ask them to take it back. ALL responsible breeders and Rescues will do this.  So, before you buy or adopt, check their policy.


Finally, we end where we began. If you cannot absolutely commit long term to owning a dog, DO NOT GET ONE!!

Reason for Rehoming

I/we work long hours

We are having a baby

I am divorcing/splitting up and I can't take the dog

I/we can't afford the vet bills

My dog has become aggressive

My dog is destroying my house

The owner has died or is seriously ill

My dog keeps "humping" people

I/we are moving abroad

My circumstances have genuinely changed beyond my control

Our Typical Response

Get a dog walker



Something you should have anticipated

Go to a good dog behaviourist

Dogs need time committed to them and need stimulation or they become bored and often destructive. Also see above

Happy to discuss

Always have your dog neutered


Happy to discuss