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Ross is a 7 year old castrated male who came into rescue as his owner went back to Poland, leaving Ross with a neighbour. Unfortunately, after 6 months of caring for Ross, the lady became unwell and tried many rescues to get Ross a safe place. He ended up sedated, on a vets table, ready to be destroyed. A vet nurse phoned and asked if we could take him.

Ross has been with us for 6 months now and is a sweet and gentle boy who so deserves a home of his own. Ross is 7. He has been let down by his original owner who abandoned him and went back to his home country, leaving Ross behind. Ross is lovely to have around the house. he is loving but very calm. Ross could be rehomed with a steady large breed bitch, but does not like males or little dogs.


Is there anyone out there who could give this old fella the love he so deserves? ❤


Comment by Eric Harvey on 18th October 2018

I met Ross for the first time on 10th August 2018. Having seen his photos and videos, let me tell you they do not do him justice. Yes he is a cross Rott/GSD, but a better looking boy you would be hard pressed to meet and the most beautiful calm and lovely nature. As an only dog or with a steady large breed bitch for a mature someone to enjoy and spend time with, in my view, he is just perfect. If I didn't already have two, I would have brought him home with me without any hesitation at all.

So why hasn't he been rehomed yet?  Is it because he is a cross? Or is it because he is 7? I don't know, but I guarantee, if you met him, you would love him, because he is simply gorgeous and it is a joy to be in his company.


Update by Shelley Worth on 19th October 2018

Dear Ross is doing very well. He has gradually been getting better with Rupert….so now they can go out in the garden together! Unfortunately, Ross is extremely choosy about his friends….but once they are his friends, he’s fine.

Taylor continues to charm with his old gentleman ways and is keeping Rupert well and truly in his place 


Update on 6th January 2019

Hello people, I'm Ross and apparently, I'm NOT one of those black and tan things that everyone loves! My  dad left me and went abroad. I was about to be put to sleep when Pete agreed to give me a space at RRT. The food here is very good, but I am very picky about other dogs. I love to patrol the back fence and keep this lot safe :0 I have got something called lumbar sacral disease, which means that about every three months i have to have a steroid injection as I get stiff and lame. I'm nearly 8 now and have been here for 9 months. I have two real fans....Dionne, who gives me kisses and tummy rubs, and Jackie, who always saves me special treats. Life is good!