Rupert is 14 months old and has come back into our care (Beginning of March 2019). 


Rupert first came to us when he was 10 months old. He had been left in a garden and was rescued by a young couple who lived in a bedsitter.


Rupert was placed into an experienced Rottweiler home. The family worked hard with Rupert, taking him to training classes and teaching him about living in a home. Rupert was in this family for almost 4 months.


Sadly, Rupert did not get on with their mature rott bitch. He was great with the family’s three children and the French bulldog, plus visiting small dogs.


Rupert has been back with us for two weeks now. He is extremely energetic, and still needs lots of training and mental stimulation. He has been out several times off lead with Dave, Sharon and Rossi. He is rather pushy, and the other dogs need to remind him every day not to go too far!


Rupert eats as though he has never seen food before and can be possessive about it. We have been trying to slow his eating down, but success has been limited. This too will take time and patience.


Rupert loves attention, but is quite over the top in demanding it. 

Anyone who takes Rupert on will need to have tons of time and patience, as he is still testing the boundaries.


We feel that although he has lived successfully with children, he would be best in a home with no younger children, due to his demanding nature and the time needed to train and socialise him.


Rupert would make a good agility dog as he loves to use his brain and has high energy levels.


Update by Shelley on 3rd April 2019

Rupert has been back with us for four weeks now. In that 4 weeks we have seen him improve daily…although there is still a long way to go to make him the super dog we know he can be.


Rupert is like the Duracell bunny….he just wants to be on the go all day long!

The other dogs he mixes with are tolerant, but, being older than him really don’t want to play all the time. It has taken much patience from them (and us) to get him to a point where we can tell him to stop and he does.


Rupert is settling better in the living room now, although not if there is another dog with him that he can play with. His obedience is very basic…but coming along well. 


Today we took him to see the vet as we had noticed a lump near the end of his tail. The vet feels that his tail was broken as a little pup and left untreated. Can you imagine how painful that would have been for him? The tail is completely healed and calloused now, so there is nothing to be done about it. Rupert is not in any pain from it. It just makes us so sad and angry with the person who bought this pup and gave him no care.


Updates will follow on this fella.

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