Shaz and Dave's Diary

It has been a very busy couple of weeks here at RRT. Mum and dad have been gardening…filling in the brown spots on the grass where we wee…and then the birds come and peck all the seed out of it so they do it all over again the next day J


Sharon and I have been up to kennels to meet a boy called Norman. We have helped him to overcome his silliness around other dogs. He even managed to go for a walk with fatty Sharon…..they got on well cos they’re both on the chubby side! Norman has now gone to a home…so it was worth the effort!


Last week Auntie Mandy came to see us with her friend Donna….they were nice and sneaked us a lot of treats. Doris even got a couple of sausage rolls (remember Doris…a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips).


This week Mum’s friend was over from Australia….and she took a selfie with herself and Sharon….Sharon now thinks she’s a supermodel….hee hee hee!


Sharon has decided that Mum is a dreadful photographer….so she chewed up the camera. Mum and Dad were not at all impressed…..but at least the admin team on the auction site will be happy!


Well, off for a kip now….more from me soon.

16th July 2019

Well, it has been a couple of very busy weeks here at RRT.  Mum and dad have been repairing the garden….and we’ve been digging it up again! We feel it gives them a hobby.


PITA, also known as Rupert (amongst other things) has finally left the building. All OF us four leggeds breathed a huge collective sigh of relief. He was sooooo flippin’ energetic and the rest of us like a bit of a snooze.


The auction was very good. It was so funny watching Mum swear every time she lost the sellotape. At least Dionne stopped her from losing her temper with the brown paper!


We have a new girl here….her name is Doris and she is much more our type of friend. She sleeps and eats and doesn’t get in the way. She can stay for a while I suppose…..although Sharon and Doris seem to really do quite a lot of female bonding….I feel a bit left out sometimes.


Nancy Rossi and Taylor are all okay and we all want to thank everyone who contributed to the auction. Rossi loves his new bed, the chickens feet are great and I’m sure there are more goodies for us on the way.


TTFN   xxxxx

30th May 2019

Hi Everyone,


I thought I’d put paw to paper and give you the news from RRT.


Christmas went well…we had some lovely long walks and a brilliant Christmas dinner….AND we made Mum and Dad pay for giving us a bit of stuffing each J.

Those two idiots wore funny hats as they ate their dinner…well, they were NOT getting me to wear one. Stupid parents!


I have taken to watching animal programmes on the telly….I like the dog ones especially….Sharon keeps looking out of the front door if she hears a dog bark on the TV…silly girl! I must confess to finding the tiger/lion programmes a bit scary though….I watch those from a distance, not right up close like when it’s a dog.


The other dogs are all okay, although Kia is extremely deaf and only has a little waddle down the road now. Taylor is slow too….but he’s okay. Rossi is trying to steal MY Sharon and seems to really like her now he has got used to her…and she is such a tart she goes along with it. Some birds eh?


Nancy Noodles got a new collar and keeps asking us if it makes her look fat. From a safe distance I told her “No, its your fat that makes you look fat”!


Well folks, TTFN ….. almost chickens feet time and I can’t type and eat….I’m male….I don’t multi task!

8th January 2019

Hi everyone,


Before I start my update, Mum has reminded me to thank everyone for making the auction such a success!


There hasn’t been very much going on here….other than the log burner has started working again J. I have the prime spot (right in front of it) during the day, then Nancy keeps guard over it all night.  We really don’t mind helping to keep it safe!


Taylor, Ross and Kia are all still here. Taylor, Sharon and I are quite friendly to each other….but Ross is not too sure of me and Kia is quite certain that she hates poor Sharon!


Dad says the garden is a mud bath (which probably explains why we have four huge pieces of vet bed covering the kitchen floor).


The Christmas decorations are up in gardens on our walks….today Sharon was utterly bemused by three white plastic penguins and a couple of white plastic polar bears J(As you all know, she wouldn’t even get to the qualifying rounds of doggy Mastermind).


Mum ordered 10 kilos of chicken’s feet the other day. She must have been a bit “tired” as when they arrived they were the raw ones….not the usual dry ones JDad and Jackie have taken the micky out of her for days about her little mistake!


We had a little monster here for a while….Rupert was his name but he wasn’t a red nosed reindeer….he was a little hooligan who wanted to play all blooming day! Well, Sharon and I decided to send him to Coventry! We are here to decorate the carpets and sofa….not run around like idiots! Anyway, thankfully he is in his new home now …..and PEACE REIGNS (FOR NOW).

5th December 2018

Hi Fans,

It’s a good job Mum loves Sharon. Two nights ago Sharon completely redesigned the sofa in the office…and her brand new soft mattress! The office looked like a scene from Winter Wonderland. Mum was miffed to say the least, but, by yesterday Mum had forgiven Sharon.

So, today Mum and Dad are eating lunch and what does Sharon do? Comes in from the garden holding half (yes, only half) of a very dead pigeon! Mum went ballistic….Dad swore and I hid! Eventually Dad drew the short straw and was made to dispose of it. Mum won’t let Sharon kiss her to make up now!!

19th October 2018

Apparently, there is a new boy at RRT. I haven't met him yet, but I can smell him. His name is Taylor (does he sew?) and he is starting an affair already! He and the old bird (Kia) have met and Kia has done things to him that no LADY should ever do on a first date!!!! Sharon isn't that nice to me even is so very unfair....despite the rumours, I am a full blooded male you know!

4th October 2018

Hello everyone, Sharon here. i have hijacked Dave's page to wish him a very happy birthday. He is three today (as I am 5 that makes him my toyboy 😊)

We have had a smashing day...with a bit of KFC for lunch to celebrate dave's birthday. I do hope we get cake later....I love my grub! Dave got a new cuddly from Mum and Dad and lots of kisses and spoilt boy!

1st October 2018

Hello everyone.....Dave here. Yesterday Mum came home from shopping with two huge dried turkey feet, one for Sharon and one for me. Sharon was thrilled. I enjoyed mine, but I told Sharon at the time "There's no such thing as a free lunch". Sharon, being a bit on the stoopid side, didn't understand me!

Sure enough, a couple of hours later Mum puts me on a lead....Sharon thinks I'm going for a walk without her....I know better! Out into the garden we go where that great lump of stupidity called Alfie is waiting with Dad....oh well, nothing like a challenge I think.....So, I put on my bestest big boy face and saunter over all casual like (John Wayne would've been impressed). Suddenly that huge lump is not so sure of himself 😊 We had a few minutes getting to know each other and to establish that there is only one main man in this house....and it AIN'T Alfie! Went in to see Sharon and she STILL thought she had had a free lunch....til Mum put the lead on her😊 ....but she's a tart....she loves the boys anyhow! See ya'all later fans.

15th September 2018



On Saturday, Sharon and I went to our first Baby Shower (whatever that might be) with Mum. I kept looking up to see if there were any babies falling out of the sky, but none appeared.


There were lots of new people there…who I’m sure came just to see us. We had our own personal attendant, in the shape of a little person who made sure we had plenty of fresh water in our bowl….although a couple of times he did sprinkle our heads with the watering can!


We got loads of fuss, and more importantly titbits and bits of burger….that was yummy!


When we got home Mum said she was very proud of us because we behaved ourselves (other than the incident of the stolen bit of burger from a plate).


Apparently Mum is about to be a Great Nanny….Well, she’s not a bad Mum so she just might be a great Nanny J

27th August 2018

Hi Fans,


Dave here! I have to say this page USED to be called Dave’s Diary, but, as usual, I’ve been pushed aside by a bossy woman! Now, Sharon, I can take….but if that Bella thinks HER name is going on here she can think again!


I haven’t been writing much in the last couple of weeks as Mum has been constantly wrapping (not the musical kind, Thank God) and I need her to do the actual typing. 


Young Bella has fallen victim to my charms…but sometimes she and Sharon do that “it’s a girls conversation” thing and leave me out!  She’s quite nice though, and we’ve taught her about getting in the pond when Mum isn’t looking…she’s got the hang of it.


It has been so very hot here…we are quite tired so have given the parents a bit of a break on the play front….we have a snooze instead. Ross finds it too hot, so he sleeps a lot…and Kia has her own personal fan!  Nancy Noodles is very lucky…her room is very cool but she comes out and sunbathes then wonders why she gets too hot! Stupid old lady! But I won’t tell her that to her face J


No more news for now….nap time again!

27th July 2018

Been a bit mad at RRT this morning...woke up to find a Mandarin duck and six chicks on the pond!. Went to watch Mum put a load of washing in and heard a cheep from behind the washing machine in the utility room (which is tiny). Dad removed the microwave and the top from over the washing machine and carefully pulled the machine out....hey presto! Baby chick. Mum picked him up and put him in the pond where he swam around happily. They then put everything back and went to put the machine on.....another bloody cheep. Everything out again, and another chick retrieved and put into the pond........Sharon.....bloody stop picking up chicks and bringing them indoors. Second chick fine too!

23rd June 2018

Been a bit mad at RRT this morning...woke up to find a Mandarin duck and six chicks on the pond!. Went to watch Mum put a load of washing in and heard a cheep from behind the washing machine in the utility room (which is tiny). Dad removed the microwave and the top from over the washing machine and carefully pulled the machine out....hey presto! Baby chick. Mum picked him up and put him in the pond where he swam around happily. They then put everything back and went to put the machine on.....another bloody cheep. Everything out again, and another chick retrieved and put into the pond........Sharon.....bloody stop picking up chicks and bringing them indoors. Second chick fine too!

23rd June 2018

Afternoon all..... nice day isn't it? Me and Shaz have just been groomed but I insisted Mum leave out the stinky girly spray she usually uses (Sharon says I'm a typical bloke). Kia saw the brush and turned into Linford Cristie Silly old moo will feel much more comfortable now! She was so pee'd off Mum put her out in the kennel with a big bone to cheer her up.

22nd June 2018



Yesterday Mum put this tiny little hedgehog on the edge of a pot plant on the terrace. Mum went off to do some weeding, and when she came back he was gone!!!!


Well, you would have thought it was a lump of gold.....she spent half and hour scouring the garden trying to find him. Eventually she gave up....and sat in the garden with the "hump".  Now, what I find VERY unfair is that about an hour later we found him for her....Sharon carried it to her in her gob.....was Mum pleased? NO! She told us off for stealing him when all we did was find him.....It isn't our fault if Horace likes to is it?

11th June 2018

Some girls REALLY know how to get into trouble......Sharon....Mum is NOT going to be happy (when she stops laughing)

(See the photo of Sharon having a paddle!!!!)

7th June 2018

Some of you may remember that several months ago my girlfriend Sharon went "scaredy cat" loopy walking past a particular house on our route. A couple of weeks later Mum saw a hearse outside the house....within a week Sharon walked past the house with no problems.  Well, after about 9 months new people have moved in.....for two days they had the front door open and stupid Sharon freaked while walking, the front door was shut and she was fine.....It would seem Dad is right when he says she looks like a bloodhound 🙂

5th June 2018

Well really!  Yesterday Mum found ticks on Sharon and me. As we had been "Advocated" last week, she got this very strange little implement out, and ever so quickly our little friends were gone!! Sharon has looked really funny, as it was on her eyebrow!  I said she could have her eyebrow pierced properly, if she went out with Nancy Noodles!!!!  

2nd June 2018

Well, it appears Sharon and I have just received our final warning. Dad had cleaned, polished, washed the office floors. He found a little he tightened up the joint on the pipe. Apparently, THAT is why he left newspaper there. Well, we had a bit of a game with it ...redecorated the carpet....Holy Shite! they were REALLY shouty and angry. Sharon tried the looking sweet and sorry bit, I tried looking pathetic (I do that quite well) but all to no avail. I suppose this did come half an hour after the incident of the chewed up crocodile from the pond.....but it still seems really unfair to us. Anyone want two sweet and loving dogs?....Uncle Eric....defend us quick!

25th May 2018

Well, my bird is home...I've kissed her, told her she's gorgeous....but Mum and dad are keeping her quiet in the crate. She is totally pissed off with it! Apparently, the vet and all the staff wanted her to stay there.....the way things are going....I bloody wish she had! When do I get MY spesh treatment?

20th April 2018

This week has seen some funny when Sharon had an upset tummy in the hall and Daddy trod in it in his bare feet. Mum laughed (a lot). Dad didn't laugh. Then mum didn't laugh when that stupid puppy Robbie bought half of her favourite shrub into the house by its root. You should have heard the language! A navvy would have been proud of her! Oh well, another day, another little after dinner snooze now I think. Bye fans x

9th March 2018

Hello friends ! Sharon has taken up a new career! Mum bought a couple of lovely cushions for our office....Sharon didn't like them so she redesigned them. (Interior designer she ain't) I know what snow looks like indoors now.  As a bloke, I quite liked them the way they were. .....I suspect Sharon is in for a severe bollocking.....think I shall keep out of the way

23rd February 2018

Last night, Mum and Dad moved us all around as it was too cold to have Robbie and Rodney in the kennels. Won't bore you with the details of who went where....but Nancy, yes NANCY ended up in Mum and Dad's bedroom. Dad put her up there, then came downstairs to settle the rest of us. Apparently, when they went upstairs Madam Nancy was sprawled out on the bed. They made her get off and went to bed. Then Mum got up for a wee and instantly Nancy got on the bed again. Mum slept in the spare room. I, however, slept with Mum's gloves for the coal on my bed beside the stove....very comfy!😍😍

7th February 2018