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Taylor is 9 years old and came into rescue as he was found straying. His owner did turn up to claim him after his 7 days was up, but refused to pay the fee from the local Council/Dog Warden....despite having Taylor since a puppy.


On Sunday we took him for a walk and he met several volunteers....Jackie, Dionne and Paul. (One of them, Paul walked him) and Taylor also met Kia and Sharon...he was good with both of them and everyone he met. Today we had Taylor castrated, vaccinated, microchipped and his nails trimmed. First, we had a blood test done to make sure he was fit enough for his operation. His blood test was, one slightly sleepy dog will be picked up from the vets later 😊


Taylor came from a local pound dog warden, with whom we have worked before. Sadly, we cannot take pound dogs from all over the country. Most of the rescues we know would not destroy a dog (and our local dog wardens try very hard no to), it is fairly obvious, however, that Taylor will be difficult to rehome because of his age. If he was under 2 we'd have 5 homes offered by the end of the week. At the vets today, the receptionist, who is very rescue orientated, asked for Taylor's reason for coming into rescue. Pete said "The owner couldn't afford the fee from the pound". The receptionist suggested he could have given up his subscription to Sky, or stopped smoking or made a payment plan until he got his dog back home.

Updates will follow.


Update by Shelley Worth on 19th October 2018

Dear Ross is doing very well. He has gradually been getting better with Rupert….so now they can go out in the garden together! Unfortunately, Ross is extremely choosy about his friends….but once they are his friends, he’s fine.

Taylor continues to charm with his old gentleman ways and is keeping Rupert well and truly in his place 


Update on 6th January 2019

Hello all, I'm Taylor and I have been at RRT for about three months. I'm about 10 years old and I love other dogs. However, I'm a bloomin' devil if I get hold of a toy or treats when there is a human or another dog around. I'm fairly easy to please, and very loving. BUT I hate being on my own and will howl if I am not at the centre of attention!