Who We Are

Peter Beach founded Beached rottweilers in 2000. Beached Rottweilers was the forerunner to the Rottweiler Rescue Trust. Peter has owned rotts for 34 years (he is old) and always takes to live with him the dogs that are not easy to rehome. Peter also has a keen interest in wine! Peter is a fit and young 70+ 



Shelley Worth has owned rotts for 30 years and has been involved in rott rescue for 27 years. Shelley ran her own rescue, rehoming the rottweilers that went into Battersea Dogs Home for 16 years. 

  Shelley is an animal behaviourist who walks the rescue dogs every day. Shelley lives with Peter and the lovely girls and boys, Dave, Sharon and Nancy.

Shell and Pete are helped by the Trusts many volunteers with walking, training, fostering and admin and thanks must also go to Judith Walker as co-trustee.