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Xena is a 16 month old spayed bitch (November 2019).  Xena was handed in to another rescue when she was 7 months old as her owner was pregnant and did not feel able to give this lively young dog the time and training she needs.


The rescue have homed her three times since then. One home lasted for four days, due to her mouthing, the second home lasted for three days due to her mouthing, and the third home lasted one day as the family had not mentioned that they had two cats and Xena doesn’t like cats.


We have had Xena at home for almost a fortnight now. She gets on well with the other dogs here and likes small males, but is not so keen on little bitches.


We walk her on a Gentle leader headcollar, and she isn’t too bad unless she sees a squirrel…and then she really wants to chase and will pull.


Xena counter surfs, and although we are working on an “off” command, she forgets the command if there is something nice on the worksurface.


We have found that Xena only mouths if she is over excited….this has not been an issue for us as we keep her calm. In the evening, she will roll around on the floor and is very very vocal….but she is not being aggressive….she’s just a real talker!


Xena loves to run and play…she likes a game of ball, but you need to be firm to get her to give it back. She is fairly respectful to other dogs.


If you think you have time and patience, think again BEFORE ringing us….as this poor girl has spent almost a year in kennels and we don’t want her messed about again. She isn’t perfect, but she has the potential to be a wonderful family dog. Due to her size and speed we will only home Xena to people with either no kids or kids over 12. The new owners need to be prepared to take her to training classes and need a reasonable sized, well fenced garden where she can run around and let off some steam.


New owners will also need to be experienced with the breed.